Laura has spent the last several years criss-crossing countries chasing stories for the venerable newsmagazine 60 Minutes -- from interviews with international political world leaders, to two-stoplight rural towns where unlikely chess prodigies were in the making, to complex investigations into the murky world of sports agencies. Her stories earned an Edward R. Murrow Award and several Emmy nominations.


Long before that, Laura grew up in another foreign land – New Orleans -- among stacks of newspapers and magazines that her journalist mother swore she was "going to get to" one day. Know-it-all teenager Laura "swore" that she'd never become a journalist and would certainly never let stacks of anything accumulate in her home.

Cut to years later: Laura, a journalist, is hyper-protective of her own stacks of The New Yorker and dozens of other long-form reads that she is adamant that she *will* finish one day.

In the meantime, she has built a versatile career covering a swath of story-telling formats. After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, she cut her teeth in Hollywood working on television shows like JAG and NCIS and movie sets in Sofia, Bulgaria. She loved the energy and buzz of being part of a massive team.

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Lightening struck when she was accepted to Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City within mere weeks of securing her first book deal for a Studs Terkel-inspired look at jobs for her generation. Not wanting to choose between her dream of moving to NYC and attending Columbia, and her ambition to write this book, she took a plunge and did both -- at the same time. The sleepless nights paid off when Dig This Gig hit shelves (and was extra rewarding when it went into a second printing).

During graduate school, Laura was recruited to add reporting muscle to The New York Times' deep-dive investigation into the BP Oil Spill, an experience that cemented her love of deciphering documents and asking probing questions to reveal a compelling narrative.

With her first book under her belt and graduate degree in hand, she returned to visual story-telling -- this time in the non-fiction world. After a few years at NBC Peacock Productions she landed her dream gig at 60 Minutes and racked up pages of stamped passport pages.

These days she lives in Brooklyn flirting with the idea tackling her next book and working her way through (organized) stacks of great journalism and a queue of documentaries.